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Our Values

We started the company with one mission – Luxury that does good. Your bed sheets are made from 100% organic cotton at Fair Trade certified facility. Not only is this good for farmers and skilled workers but it also looks after our environment. All our products are meticulously crafted, ethically made and are eco-friendly. We carefully make each stitch count to create softest and most luxurious bedding. As you unwrap your new bedding and tuck yourself into bed tonight, we want you to sleep with peace of mind, knowing that you made a difference.

Thoughtful Design

Our cotton from the “Malwa” region has long staple fiber that provides extra strength and make the sheets soft and silky smooth. Our distinctive weaving technique results in smoother surface and fewer exposed fiber ends. This means sheets become even softer over time.

Social Responsibility

We are committed to making the right choices – choices that empower farmers, workers and protect our environment. Our supply chain is held to rigorous social, environmental and economic standards.

Our Impact


of products are made without harmful chemical, pesticides or GMOs

  • Voice to farmers and workers in workplace
  • Investing in community that improves thousands of lives
  • Lower greenhouse emission



By ensuring Fair Trade practices, we help lift our farmers out of debt, empowering them to grow their businesses and families.


OEKO-Tex Standard 100 certification make sure that our products have been tested for harmful substances.


We use 100% organic cotton. Organically produced materials protect farm workers and environment. All dyes, process chemicals, and auxiliaries that are used are biodegradable and are not toxic.