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Luxury That Does Good

Partnering with the OEKO-TEX and Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) we have ensured that 100% of cotton is responsibly sourced. Every thread has been tested for harmful substances and therefore is harmless for human health.

Workers are not exposed to toxic chemicals when working with GOTS-certified inputs and practices.

Organic processors certified to the (GOTS) avoid the environmental footprint of toxic processing aids that are commonly used in conventional processing.

Uncompromised Quality

We have a single vision: to make the finest quality organic sheets. Elegantly refined and invitingly soft, our sateen bedding offers a luxurious 300 thread count heavenly smooth finish.

Every sheet is meticulously crafted with greatest attention to details.

Tailored of premium long-staple cotton, the fabric is distinctively woven to import a subtle play of texture and brilliant sheen.

Compared to non-organic cotton, our cotton brings!


lower consumption of irrigated water


lower global warming impact


less soil erosion

Why You'll Love Us

Free shipping and return

A hassle-free delivery & return

Gentle for the planet

Nature friendly

Gentle for the skin

No harmful chemicals

Great sleep promise

Soft comfortable & breathable fabric

Organic Cotton

Crafted with earthy cotton


Refreshing palette

Design Philosophy

Design Philosophy

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Shares the benefits of trade more equally.


Our products have been tested for harmful substances.


The world’s leading textile standard for organic fibers.

About Us

We started the company with one mission – Luxury that does good. Your bed sheets are made from 100% organic cotton at Fair Trade certified facility.

Not only is this good for farmers and skilled workers but it also looks after our environment. All our products are meticulously crafted, ethically made and are eco-friendly.

We carefully make each stitch count to create softest and most luxurious bedding. As you unwrap your new bedding and tuck yourself into bed tonight, we want you to sleep with peace of mind, knowing that you made a difference.

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