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GOTS Certified: What does it mean and why it is important to check before buying an organic cotton sheet

by Aster Parker on April 12, 2022
GOTS Certified: What does it mean and why it is important to check before buying an organic cotton sheet

GOTS is an acronym for the Global Organic Textile Standard. The purpose of GOTS is to define requirements for organic textiles worldwide.  

The specified requirements extend to every part of the manufacturing process - from harvesting, processing to the final step of labeling and packaging. In the end, consumer gets the assurance that they are purchasing certified organic products.    

Four organizations, two dealing in textiles production and two managing organic agriculture, came together to establish GOTS. Each of the individual organizations had developed processing standards for organic textiles, but they came together to create an internationally recognized standards across the industry.   

The Standard   

GOTS is the leading standard for organic fiber and textile manufacturing worldwide. A common standard means that each manufacturer can ship to various markets, and their products will be accepted as certified. The certified final products could be anything from simple fibers to home textiles to food contact textiles with various other products in between.    

Verifying the professionals along the supply chain to maintain the standards is crucial to establishing credibility.   

Only selected professional and independent certification organizations are retained to verify the adherence to the standard. Those organizations routinely audit those involved in the manufacturing process. Audits include comprehensive inspections of worksites to fulfill all GOTS requirements.    

Along any step of the manufacturing process, businesses can seek GOTS certification. Certification with GOTS  not only means that the company meets GOTS standards, but it also indicates that the company complies with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set forth by the UN

The Takeaway   

GOTS certification was born from a need to standardize the criteria used to certify products as organic. Consumers can purchase GOTS-certified products with confidence. Once certified, companies can expect routine audits to verify they continue to comply with the standards.

What does it mean to You?  

When you buy a GOTS certified product, you can be confident about -

  1. 100% organic cotton used
  2. No hazardous pesticides or synthetic fertilizers were used during farming
  3. Fair remuneration were paid to workers
  4. Local legal norms for air emissions, waster water were followed
  5. Ethical business behavior 

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